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process art
the alchemy of color

“My process emerged from experiments and study of the interaction between the artist, the materials, and the laws of gravity and matter.”

Renee Phillips

As a process-based artist, Renee explores the manipulation of paint, and layering of color, to achieve sculptural like results that droop, ripple, crack and pool on the surface. Further engaging the elements of heat, wind, water and gravity, she pushes paint to its limit, allowing each color to display its individual ‘signature effect’, which is studied, layered and re-worked to reveal highly tactile and seductive surfaces that characterize her contemporary color field paintings.


“The uniqueness of Phillips’ process arrests movement and allows paint to visually dazzle viewers in refreshing and visceral ways that feel like new ground is being broken.”

Parker Daley, Pen + Brush Gallery



upcoming exhibitions and collaborations

Conscious Shift, Group Show
Los Angeles, CA
September 14th, 2019


A group exhibition curated by Kipton Cronkite, including works by Steve Hash, Laura Kimpton, Yassi Mazandi, Lindsey Warren and Stephen Neidich.

Overlap: Human Tapestries
Pen + Brush Gallery, NYC
October, 2019


Overlap: Life Tapestries brings together a diverse group of female artists curated by Vida Sabbaghi.

“In the Studio” Launch Party Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach FL October 2019


Stay tuned for more details on the launch party for “In the Studio”. A behind the scenes look at Phillips process-orientated practice, by Docubrand Creative.

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Fireplace art
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